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Crystal Brook Heritage CentreMore Info

Built in 1875 as a bakers and butchers shop with a house attached. The premises now contain an underground bakehouse that is restored but not functional, which is unique.

Fred Teague's MuseumMore Info

Situated at Hawker Motors is a museum, which Fred Teague built up over the years with relics from early settlers. There is a fine display of gemstones, minerals, fossils, photographs, antique bottles and memorabilia.

Jamestown Railway Station National Trust MuseumMore Info

Visit the Jamestown Railway Station National Trust Museum to see an interesting and varied collection of historical items which includes a former railway ambulance/accommodation carriage, medical equipment, farm machinery and household items.

Melrose Courthouse Heritage CentreMore Info

The Melrose Courthouse Heritage Centre is an adventure into the past. Discover the history of this unique area by visiting the authentic exhibitions and audio visual presentations that tell the story of opening the north of South Australia, with the establishment in 1848 of the police and judicial presence at this site.

Sansouci Puppet Museum and GalleryMore Info

Relive your childhood memories at the Sansouci Puppet Museum and Gallery at Wilmington in the beautiful Flinders Ranges. The museum is located directly opposite the Post Office and very easy to find.

Talc Alpha Rink Outback Rep-Public Art GalleryMore Info

This gallery houses an open-air talc stone carving display of about 60 permanent works of art, depicting the thoughts of Cornelis Johan (Talc Alf) Alferink.

Wilpena PanoramaMore Info

Fourteen easy steps and you are on top of Wilpena Pound! Allow internationally acclaimed artist, Jeff Morgan to take you on a virtual reality trip that will blow your mind away. Imagine being 1,168 metres above sea level and getting a 360 degree bird's eye view of the beautiful Flinders Ranges and landscapes way beyond. It's an amazing circular painting, 30 metres in circumference with over 4,000 hours of painting time dedicated to it. A privilege to experience and guaranteed to be indelibly etched into your mind forever - a work of art not to be missed!

Heritage Blinman Mine ToursMore Info

After recent extensive excavations it is now possible to take a tour through the Blinman Mine tunnels that were once worked by the Cornish Miners in 1862.

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