Talc Alpha Rink Outback Rep-Public Art Gallery

Talc Town Road Lyndhurst

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This gallery houses an open-air talc stone carving display of about 60 permanent works of art, depicting the thoughts of Cornelis Johan (Talc Alf) Alferink. Talc Alf is an Outback character who has become a fixture for Uluru-bound backpackers and tourists. Talc Alf's Nissan hut home sits on a rise of red land. You can see a wind and bicycle powered washing machine in a shade house, and more talc statues than locals! For 35 years he has chipped away at his beloved talc and pursued an obsession for unravelling what he declares to be the true meanings of alphabets and word origins. It is possible to quickly summarise Talc Alf's theory - which he demonstrates to visitors - by taking random words and using a stick of talc to dissect them. Alf