Bluey Blundstones Blacksmith Shop

30-32 Stuart Street Melrose

Dining and Eating Out

Bluey Blundstone's Blacksmith shop was built in 1865. The complex has been lovingly and authentically restored and in addition to being a working smithy where the present owners produce items-to-order at the forge, the complex is now also open to the public as a coffee shop and bed and breakfast. The smithy's shop is now equipped with historically accurate tools and machinery. The work area is seven square metres with five-metre high ceilings. The thick stonewalls are constantly interrupted with doorways, a window and shelving - all original. At the rear of the workshop, is the family's humble pug and pine dwelling. To one side is a fully enclosed shoeing area separating the workshop from a large stable. The stable has now been incorporated into the residence. The property was accepted onto the State Heritage Register in 1992. Access to the coffee shop is via the rear of the workshop.